Jumper Ranch Roping Horses

The Jumper Ranch is dedicated to breeding and training the very best calf roping horses anywhere.  The training facility is located in Frost, Texas, about an hour southeast  of the Dallas/Fort Worth airport.  

The goal is to produce horses that are very trainable with exceptional minds and controllable speed.  Crossing a stud with a lot of "cow", great mind and disposition on mares that are running horses.  It is Kyle Jumper's belief that in the calf roping, you need a horse with the speed to be the first one there and the mind to let you win once you get there.

Kyle started this breeding program because he could not find a place to buy the "right kind of horses" year after year.  If you like one of his horses, he can show you both parents along with brothers and sisters.

Kyle raises all of his prospects.  The colts grow up in the mesquite thickets of central Texas with the hogs, deer, bobcats, coyotes, turkeys, and many other wild animals so by the time he break them as 2 year olds, they have seen almost everything.

People who have rode and won on Jumper Ranch horses, range from the 12 and under age group, State High School Finals, College National Finals, National Senior Pro Rodeo Champions, N.F.R. qualifiers and several P.R.C.A. world champions, along with our children and grandchildren.

Colts all ages and a finished horse or two are for sale most all the time.  Please feel free to call or drop by anytime.

Kyle & Skeeter Nat. Senior Pro Finals
Kyle & Skeeter at National Senior Pro Finals, 8.5 to win Go Round, and advance to World Championship 2012